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I’ve been working with estate agents since 2006 and its been an interesting 13 years, but let’s take things back to 1966 the year I was born.
Mum was a full time mother and a part-time school teacher and Dad worked as a photographer for the Daily Mirror.
My father was a real talent, gifted, driven and thoughtful. So good, he won the World Press Photo award in 1979.
They called it the Golden Eye and the shot that won the “Arts and Sciences” award was of Henry Moore.
Taken on his 80th birthday at a gallery opening in Bradford, typically of Dad he waited till the very end when all the press had gone home to take his shot.
He asked Henry to go back into the gallery on his own and walk around his sculptures.
Walking stick in hand he agreed.
Henry became one of his creations.

Dad’s growing reputation as one of the best press photographers in Britain took him to all corners of the World and he loved photographing sport.
He was on the pitch in 1966 when England won the World Cup, he didn’t have a pass mind, but managed to get a ticket and smuggle himself past the stewards with a fake bib!
On the pitch, armed with his cameras which were loaded with colour film, he took many of the the memorable photographs of the England players celebrating the win.

Dad’s most iconic photograph came however in 1970 during the World Cup. England the World Cup Winners of 1966 up against probably the best football team ever, Brazil. It was a game England could and should have won but Brazil prevailed and at the final whistle Moore and Pele swapped shirts.

Mutual respect.

From the age of around 3 years old I had a camera in my hand. Dad taught me and my brother to take photographs and we both went into the Industry from School.
My brother Andrew started his own agency with the help of Dad and I worked with them both before being offered a job by the York Evening Press in York at the age of 21.
The wage was £8,100 which may not sound a lot, but to me in 1987 was a small fortune compared to the £30 a week I was getting!

So I took the job and to be honest loved working in York a beautiful City.
Three years later though I had become more interested in Television and an opportunity arose in Chesterfield.
Yorkshire Television were launching a new news operation covering Sheffield and North Derbyshire called “Calendar South” and needed a keen freelance.
The draw back was, I would have to buy my own camera, but the £90 a day they offered me was enough to persuade the bank to loan me 10K.
I bought my first TV Camera, a JVC SVHS KY17 and found myself in debt for the first time!
Dad was not over keen on this idea at first, but eventually when he started to see my footage appear nightly on Calendar grew to love tuning in.

For the next ten years I worked as a freelance shooting for the news in South Yorkshire and by 2000 I had trained my own freelance’s and started to buy more camera kit and hire those crews out to YTV, BBC and the newly formed Sky Sports.

I’d graduated to shooting documentaries and followed Mike Tyson when he came to the UK for his fight after being released from Prison.
“Mike Tyson In The UK” found its way to BBC2 and from this point I filmed and Directed quite a few documentaries.
I even got to go to Hollywood and follow Minnie Driver going to the Oscar’s for BBC2.
It was an exciting time and I’d found a love for Directing as well as filming, meeting famous actors along the way like David Duchovny, Howard Keel, Ray Liotta and many more.
It gave me a thirst for film making and by 2004 I’d launched my own Production company called 1st4film.

To be truthful filming and directing came naturally but editing had always been a skill I had admired but never attempted myself.
That all changed once I’d been commissioned by the Army to produce a film designed to recruit NHS professionals into the armed forces.
In Camp Bastion the access was incredible and I’d shot some remarkable footage of the Doctor’s, Nurses and Surgeons literally saving lives right in front of me.
Being honest I became frustrated that I did not have the skills to start editing the footage whilst there during my 4 week stay.
On my return to the UK I had a hundred tapes and hired an editor to edit the footage into a documentary style film which was a fantastic success and helped recruit 25,000 reservists after a National campaign.

After the film was released I’d made up my mind to learn to edit myself and begin the process of learning, 6 months later the Army commissioned ten more short films which I edited myself. The first one here shows how Emergency Nurses deal with the environment in Camp Bastion.

By 2007 my production company 1st4film was producing video content for businesses far and wide and we’d started to shoot videos for estate agents, mainly corporates and property videos and this led to the launch of a website which featured those videos called;

I’d always been interested in the property Industry and this felt like a natural progression and by 2010 we’d started utilising our TV Crews to shoot location videos supplying those films to estate agents. The feedback was fantastic, both from the agents and the general public so we set about producing more.

Currently our library stands at nearly a thousand and we’ve started to produce websites and just launched our own property software called ARC. showcases all our services and we have a small dedicated talented team thats completely professional and client focused.

We like to make a difference and believe that creativity gives our clients a real edge.

I can see Dad smiling at that one 🙂

David Varley, Founder; &